Dr. West

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Useful hints

  • Move mouse over any tile to get information about it
  • Press SPACE or E key to end turn
  • Bodies will spawn on cemetery
  • Clicking on a body will move into the laboratory
  • The lighter the color of the body the greater its quality
  • Bodies in the laboratory will be reanimated on the next turn
  • Reanimation can lead to raising Theory parameter
  • Raising Theory up to 10 wins the game
  • Clicking on an empty space will put a marker there
  • The reanimated are attracted to the markers if they are close enough
  • When humans witness the death of another human, they will call the police
  • When no more reanimated are around, the police will leave the scene
  • No more than 10 police officers can be on the map at the same time
  • If the police gets too close to the laboratory, its Suspicion will rise
  • When Suspicion rises to 3, the game ends with a loss