Evil Cult
Hello, everyone!

A small message from the author. I noticed many of you play Evil Cult but only a small fraction leave any feedback whether on feedback thread, by email, on my blog etc. That is very unfortunate and I encourage you to share your thoughts with me. After all, when you are silent I tend to lose interest in developing the game and move away elsewhere. So, I made a list of things I especially need feedback on in that release:

  • Sects - this is a new significant addition to gameplay which changes it considerably. Tell me what you think about that, how it could be improved, changed, etc. Any ideas on more tasks for the sects are also appreciated. Also, AI don't use these for the moment.
  • Custom game - what else do you need to see there to customize your game even more. Notice that AI is always on Normal difficulty when Custom game is selected.
  • Multiplayer - haven't tested it all that much, tell me of the bugs, maybe some balance issues, etc. (No, I won't make online multiplayer, it would require to rewrite everything from scratch to get a proper client-server architecture.)
  • Ultra-hard mode - some of you played the game until "hard" is no longer all that hard and asked me to make an even harder game mode. So make your own with custom game and send me the parameters list you consider appropriate for the next difficulty setting.
  • If anyone has the capability to record video of Evil Cult playthroughs with audio commentary, feel free to do it, upload on video hosting service of your choice and send me a link. I love watching these from other games and I would like to see more of EC. It would help me in developing the game.

Also: that bug that hangs up the game is not solved yet, sorry. One of these days...